Shandong dongyang garden machinery co., LTD. Is a professional manufacturer of high-end garden machinery products. The company mainly produces: lawn mower, oil saw, broadband machine, high branch machine, hedgerow machine, ground drill, blower and other garden maintenance machinery. The company constantly strengthens its research and development efforts, works closely with famous universities in China to improve product quality, create more stable and professional products, and guarantee the quality of garden operations. We constantly deepen the operation research, simplify the operation process, and provide excellent garden machinery tools for the majority of users; We constantly improve our service level, and build a considerate and comprehensive integrated service platform for garden machinery dealers and users, so that users around the world can enjoy their gardening life more. We respect the enterprise spirit of "steadfast, hard work and responsibility", and create a good office environment with the business philosophy of integrity, win-win and pioneering, and a new management model and perfect technology
  • Garden machinery use maintenance tips

    As a matter of fact, the wheel ring should be removed with rust, and a thin layer of talc should be applied between the inner and outer tires. Pry the rim of one side of the tyre into the wheel ring with a foot or crowbar。
  • The maintenance method of hedgerows is briefly described

    when the machine is in long-term storage, fuel will be released after the gasoline engine is cooled. Pull the filter inside the oil tank to the outside of the oil tank, press the oil tank pump several times, let the residual fuel in the pipe return to the oil tank
  • What are the preparations before using the mower?

    1、Thoroughly inspect the lawn to be mowed. Remove stones, branches, wires, bones, and other foreign objects. Because they can be touched by the blade of a lawn mower and thrown, causing serious personal injury to the operator or others
  • What should I pay attention to when using a lawn mower?

    First of all, we should wear protective clothing before operating the mower and protect ourselves during the operation. Debris in the process of cutting, the grass would run along with the lawn mower and spray out, if we don,t take
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