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What should I pay attention to when using a lawn mower?


First of all, we should wear protective clothing before operating the mower and protect ourselves during the operation. Debris in the process of cutting, the grass would run along with the lawn mower and spray out, if we don't take corresponding to wear, grass clippings will give us a big mess, tianjin electric lawn mower manufacturers warned that if the girls, or respiratory tract into our eyes will produce great harm for our health. Therefore, in the process of using the lawn mower, we should focus on our own safety.

Second, in the process of using the automatic mower, we need to ensure the safety of the surrounding environment before we can start working. If there is an accident during operation, we must stop running the automatic mower immediately. We should not do long work in hot weather. In the severe winter, the same cannot be done for long periods of time. Because working in either case doesn't get us into a good working state.

Electric lawn mower is a kind of mechanical equipment frequently used in the process of lawn management and maintenance. It can improve the efficiency of mowing, think of the former hand - push mower has a big advantage. It works more efficiently, saves a lot of labor in the process of mowing, and reduces the cost of our lawn care and maintenance. The lawn mowed by electric mower is not only smooth but also beautiful. The lawn mowed by the old lawn mower can only be smooth on a small area. For many areas of lawn care is not used. The appearance of electric mower solved these problems.

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