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What are the preparations before using the mower?


1、Thoroughly inspect the lawn to be mowed. Remove stones, branches, wires, bones, and other foreign objects. Because they can be touched by the blade of a lawn mower and thrown, causing serious personal injury to the operator or others who are allowed to stay on the scene. Operators should also plan pruning routes to prevent grass cuttings from reaching roads, sidewalks, onlookers, etc.

2. When operating the lawn mower or performing machine debugging and maintenance, the goggles or eye cover shall be worn to prevent any foreign matter thrown by the lawn mower from hurting the eyes.

3. Wear thick bottom strong work boots and tight long sleeve overalls when working. Do not wear loose-fitting clothing or jewelry, and avoid getting tangled in the moving parts of the lawn mower. Do not operate the machine with bare feet, sandals or light sneakers.

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