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The maintenance method of hedgerows is briefly described


1. Maintenance at the end of operation

(1) dry the dirt, grass and tea slurry attached to the blade, and fill with lubricating oil.

(2) inspect all parts and adjust if necessary.

(3) fix the machine when carrying, so as to avoid collision or falling.

2. Regular maintenance

(1) oil injection and inspection and repair should be carried out in a flat and safe place.

(2) in order to prevent the gasoline engine from suddenly starting, the spark plug cap must be removed after the gasoline engine stops and cools.

(3) delegate the exclusive shop for necessary inspection, repair, adjustment and replacement in each inspection project.

3. Long-term maintenance

(1) defects should be repaired.

(2) when the machine is in long-term storage, fuel will be released after the gasoline engine is cooled. Pull the filter inside the oil tank to the outside of the oil tank, press the oil tank pump several times, let the residual fuel in the pipe return to the oil tank, suck out all the oil in the oil tank.

(3) remove the spark plug, put a few drops of oil into the hole, gently pull the starter, and let the cylinder be filled with oil, then install the spark plug.

(4) wipe out external dirt and keep it in a dry place

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