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Garden machinery use maintenance tips


1. As a matter of fact, the wheel ring should be removed with rust, and a thin layer of talc should be applied between the inner and outer tires. Pry the rim of one side of the tyre into the wheel ring with a foot or crowbar, put the inner tyre, and fix the air charging valve with iron wire in the hole of the wheel ring air charging valve, and finally install the other side of the tyre. Starting from the corresponding position of the filling valve, use the crowbar to pry part of the tire into the wheel ring first, and then install the tire from the filling valve to both sides gradually. At the same time, use your feet to step on the tire surface in the opposite position of the filling valve.

2. Check the parts on the cracking machine. Once the cracks appear, all the lawn harrows cannot be forced to use. But how do you tell if a part is cracked and where it is? Soak the suspicious parts in kerosene for 30 minutes, take out and dry the surface, and smear a layer of chalk on the surface. After a period of time, as chalk absorbs the kerosene seeping from the crack, the part with the crack becomes black.

3. As a result of repeated folding and twisting, the cable used for cable broken water pump is easy to be broken during operation. Use a 220V power plug to connect a 220V and 15W bulb to one of its power cords. Connect the two power cords to both ends of one of the cable's core wires. Then hold the cable with both hands and press the cable one by one to the middle. If the light is on, the cable will be broken. Disconnect the power supply, cut open the rubber bushing with a knife, connect the broken line, and then wrap the insulation tape.

4. When installing oil seal to the crankshaft, the inner side of the seal is prone to distortion, resulting in oil leakage. Roll a clean sheet of thin hard paper into a bell-shaped reel, put the reel on the shaft, put the small end of the reel on the shaft, put the oil seal on the small end of the reel, gently rotate the oil seal to the shaft, rotation direction consistent with the drum, when the oil seal is in place, slowly exit the drum.

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